Software showcase


Quadrocopter control application

This is the flight control application for the quadrocopter that i build for my graduation internship at Logica Working Tomorrow.

Spirit of Amsterdam - Race analyzer

The Spirit of Amsterdam 2 is the second vehicle built by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Next to its reduced weight, the main advantage is the onboard computer with its sophisticated control system. This tailor-made computer is capable of automatically shifting gear in a fraction of a second. Via this mechanism, the gears are always shifted to their most efficient position.

The ‘Spirit of Amsterdam race analyzer’ is capable of loading data of the vehicle from a SD card to the race analyzer. The analyzer, built on top of the NetBeans Platform, uses this data to generate charts. With the data, performance of the vehicle can be analyzed for better achievements at the next run.

The Music Creator

The requirement for this project was to use a dancing board as an input device for our program. Instead of creating a program where people can dance on, we decided to do the opposite.

By pressing the buttons on the dance board or keyboard you can create sounds. You are able to record those sounds. After making a couple of recordings you can arrange them on the recording tracks and play them as if they were one song.

Simple Invoice Manager

A simple mysql database driven invoice manager. It keeps track of all your invoices for your customers.

Project IRI

We had to simulate the sensors on a server by generating random values within a certain parameter. The generation of these random values had to be done on the server with a time interval of a few hundred milliseconds and the server needed to store these values.

The client needed to access the values of a sensor and show them in a chart.

RailCab 2008

By using RailCabs (train taxi) travelers have shorter waiting and traveling times. The system doesn't require a machinist because it's completely automatic.

Through this program, Movares is shown a working software simulation.

Beware the program is in dutch!